Sodomized and Gutted / The Impaler

by Inbreeding Sick

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    The “Sodomized and Gutted” re-edition CD is a reality. Re-mixed, re-mastered & re-brutalized with 5 bonus tracks (split CD songs) for a full legth of 15 tracks, 49:14 min. of fucking and extreme brutal death metal from Colombia that don’t stop. A must for BrutalHeads!

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Colombian Brutal Death Metal re-issue: Remixed and Remastered


released March 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Brutalized Records Pereira, Colombia

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Track Name: INBREEDING SICK - Sodomized And Gutted (Remastered)
Two whores in a pub, they are observed by several men
With dark and lustful intentions, they party for money.
They arrive at a site on the outskirts of the city, they give them alcohol and drugs
To encourage confidence. More men arrive, they are raped and sodomized
Throughout the whole night, the next day they are found
With knife wounds around their bodies. Mutilated Tits, limbs, eyes,
Entrails removed, Sodomized and gutted.
Track Name: INBREEDING SICK - Parricide Execution (Remastered)
A priest murdered his wife and daughter, To hide their behaviour
They were invited to the church to be killed
The crime of the priest is appalling, for senseless reasons
Discovered a new relationship
Representative of God, Accepted the heavy load
Of his weak human nature, Motherfucker parricide priest
Parricide execution, they are beaten, beaten
They die in their hands, the beatings were not sufficient
In a lonely zone, their bodies are burning
All by his deep love
Track Name: INBREEDING SICK - Decapitated Child (Remastered)
One corpse was found along a road,
A sad mystery is uncovered; it is the body of a child
A nameless child, Decapitated child
Only the body is found, the head disappears
The bloodthirsty murderer, dismembered body
Killed the child with a blow to the head
And used hedge clippers to sever the head
The body was buried, Headless and nameless
Track Name: INBREEDING SICK - Severe Perversions (Remastered)
The most deadly serial killers, murders impressive
Killing spree, Insult and injuries
Severe perversions, Blood lust
Many people died of their severe perversions
Torment his life, Damaged seriously
On one internal pain, His sick mind seeks revenge
With Rape and mutilation, the desire for control is satisfied
Track Name: INBREEDING SICK - XXXIIIXXX (Remastered)
Living to enjoy life, Listening metal
Enjoying alcohol and women, tattoos on the body
They are the best pleasures of life, sex, alcohol, metal and tattoos.
The idea is Enjoying, until the death arrival.
Track Name: INBREEDING SICK - Corporal Disembowelment (Remastered)
Traces of blood on the path, Succession of violence acts
Against civilians, cutting the tongue
Extracting the eyes, the pleasure of blood
Bodies dismembered slowly, Corporal disembowelment
Many corpses on the road, Amputation to humans
Systematic Attack, against humanity
Their reasons of shit, Different ideas annihilated
Cutting and dismembering
Track Name: INBREEDING SICK - Chainsaw Surgery (Remastered)
A drug trafficker was kidnapped, in an old house is tortured mercilessly
Torture everlasting, Terrorized by a chainsaw
In the hands of an angry murderer, to maintain its domination and money
Started the murder, Dismembering with a saw to his enemy
The fingers are uprooted, the guts are removed
Exploiting the skull with the edge, He’s sending pieces of body
To The family and all enemies.
Track Name: INBREEDING SICK - I Devour My Brain (Remastered)
Sniffing drugs, that destroys slowly
Eaten the brain, Numbness and hallucinations
Enjoy, feel pleasure, destroying his brain
They want to consume more; the limit does not exist, when you feel pleasure
Mixing alcohol and cocaine, destroying his brain
They say I devour my brain; The pleasure is all that matters.